Human-Centred Designer

Service Designer


Good for customer, good for employees, good for organisation - better for all.


Putting the people who use, consume, require, depend upon services or products at the centre of redesign and innovation.


Systems and enterprise design linking strategic direction with awesome human experiences.

service design

Within a broader HCD context, I bring a tasty picnic hamper full of tools, methods, approaches and mindsets to improve or redesign service interactions, touchpoints, processes and end-to-end experiences.


Journey Mapping | User Research | Interviews
Actors' Maps | Personas | Ideation | Insight Generation
Co-creation Workshops | Business Model Canvas
Service Blueprints | Concept Design
Story Boards | Copywriting | Prototyping | Field Research
Workshop Facilitation | Organisational Design
Senior Stakeholder Engagement
Employee Experience


I’m Gina, a service designer with a background in the arts, media and large corporate organisations.

I hold a Masters in Service Design from the Politecnico di Milano, and as a result was lucky enough to experience working at IDEO Munich where I could fully immerse myself in designing solutions where human experience, strategy, creativity, research and innovation intersect. My happy place.

I love getting stuck into strategy and taking a big picture view of things to ensure that single projects or pieces of work can leverage other solutions or address multiple challenges over time. The most recent example was as the Lead Strategic Designer for the National Australia Bank in Melbourne.

I’ve been fortunate over the last 12 years as a consultant to work with some innovative, big-thinking people and organisations and to have had exposure to a wide variety of industries and topics; from entrepreneurs and global diplomacy to Start-Ups, Banking, Retail, Open Data, Charities, Energy, Education, Justice, Health, Tax, Transport and Social Welfare reform.

I love collaborating with other people who are passionate about positive impact.

When I'm not improving or innovating around processes, systems or experiences, I love making red wine, snowboarding and improving my Italian.


I want to share my passion in the power of human-centred design to improve and innovate - for everyone's benefit.


What is your organisation's biggest, hairiest challenge right now?

I'd love to chat about that with you.

Please get in touch; to talk BHP (Big Hairy Problems) or to ask about Human Centred Design or about my services.