June 23, 2016

Food | Retail

IMG_4562Industry / Topic: Food | Retail
Host / Client: National Food Consortium Chain (Client Confidential) & Politecnico di Milano | Masters Programme
Team: Gina Garvey, Daniela Duran, Erica Invernizzi, Maria Matloub, Piti Pravichpaibul.
My Role: User and competitor research, ideation and brainstorms, eco-system concept and sketches and first prototypes, co-presenter.


Design Brief

Use human-centred design tools and approaches to develop a historic private-label food brand throughout a national consortia of community-based supermarkets.

IMG_4826 IMG_4821

Delivered Solution

A strategic continual ecosystem of customer and staff engagement, storytelling and product improvement that creates and enabling meaningful connections between customers and private-label manufacturer and store owners.

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Process Highlights


Our research phase comprised global and national desk research, analogous research and was then followed by user interviews in-store with five main competitors.

The final research component comprised of shadowing consumers in-store, documenting customer behaviour and face to face in-situ interviews about the brand.




We determined a mis-match between the definition of ‘value’ and ‘quality’ between consumers and the proud food manufacturers.

We proposed exploiting this interaction opportunity by creating numerous new touchpoints for consumers to provide hard and soft feedback on products and easy mechanisms for the brand owner to gather, analyse and test improvements, before taking them to market with a visual identifier on improved products reflecting the voice of the customer matters in tangible and direct ways back to consumers.